Expand your business beyond tan and spray... into spa with the SudaTonic™ Infrared System. SudaTonic™ is a unique total body system, developed for the beauty, health and wellness industry. However in the last few years infrared technology has exploded into the Tan Industry, bringing great benefits to clients and an easy, affordable option for increasing revenue.

The Sudatonicc™ Infrared System is based on sound scientific principals in using Infrared heat to increase metabolism. The client slips into the blanket and sleeves, and relaxes for 45 minutes while the system's infrared heat penetrates the skin and breaks down stored fat and metabolic waste, burns calories, flushes toxins out of the body and skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, relieves stress, pain and sore muscles!

Sudatonic™ offers Fusion and Focus Lotions, developed to improve your client's results, while also providing added revenue for your salon. Fusion Lotion promotes perspiration to tone and detox while Focus targets fat and cellulite. The lotions are formulated with a special blend of natural ingredients in pleasing aromas which are self applied by your client before an infrared session.

Sudatonic™ is:

  • Low cost, with high profit potential & high client retention

  • T-Max compatible

  • Self service

  • Completely portable

  • Convenient to stow

  • Not complicated; no shower or wet room needed

SudaTonic™ Infrared System Benefits:

  • Weight loss (up to 1200 calories burned per session)

  • Body and skin detoxification

  • Improve autoimmune system

  • Improve circulation, healthy and vitality

  • Improve skin tone, elasticity, reduction in fat and cellulite

The Sudatonic™ Infrared System has become well known and respected, and is the "Original" Infrared System, developed in 2005 and now in over 450 spas, wellness centers, and tanning salons around the world!