KBL 7900

For clientele who demand the best, a tanning system that delivers it with unmatched features and results. The KBL 7900 Alpha redefines tanning.

  • p2 pigment lamps
  • CPI=equal output for life of lamp
  • AAA comfort: aquaCool, aroma, air-conditioning
  • MP3, SD card audio system and volume control
  • ACS auto-adjusting ventilation
  • colorMotion
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Service bay LED lighting
  • Hinged acrylics
  • megaVoice



Avantegarde 600

The Avantgrade range from Ergoline is now even more stunning than ever. Its new glass trim, color highlights and great styling mark the trend of a new age.

Fascinating shapes and striking light design make the Avantgarde class from Ergoline an absolute eyecatcher. Not only a feast for the eyes, it also pampers the body. Body Wave, the new body higging base acrylic, and Voice Guide user prompting set high standards in tanning comfort. With power that promises a fantastic tan.








P90 Combo

Tanning Bed Features

4 levels of facial intensity (High, Medium, Low, Push and Hold for Off)
3 levels of body intensity (High, Medium, Low)
250w Heraeus PowerSpot shoulder tanners
3 levels of control for body and facial fan
Quadruple Misty Breeze with two double jets and wave control, i.e. cooling starts when lamps are starting to heat the body
Double cooled lounge acrylic
Room Aroma
High-performance stero speakers including amplifier
Attractive interior illumination in standby mode
Self-contained air conditioner
Mist Blue lounge arcylics with integrated P90 logo





iBed innovation. You wanted more, now we're giving you more. The iBed is packed with performance, design and innovation. Swing Technology tans every part of the face, neck, and chest using slowly rotating PowerSpot tanning lamps. The unique sound system with subwoofer guarantees perfect sound. Listen to music right from your MP3 Player. AfterBronzer allows you four additional minutes of facial time exposure for this hard to tan area. Rounding out these features is the cooling sensation of Misty Breeze. The iBed is uwe innovation at its best.

More power, more space, more comfort, more sound, more security, better design, and more particularly spectacular innovations: As the newly developed YellowSol plus lamps LiftLights with anti-aging effect. Or SWING, the new facial technology that every corner of the face and decollete schatten free tans.







Matrix Compact L28 ER

Solarium model with 28 UV-A high pressure lamps. On the facial side there are 6 lamps by 650W. The tanning groups have been positioned separated one from the other presenting an innovative and fuctional design. The solarium has 5 tanning groups radially arranged all around the users body. On the canopy each tanning group has 6 lamps, while the ones located in the lower part have 5 lamps each.

The ventilation for the body and face is located in the upper part. A strong plexy cooled by forced ventilation in the lower part lets the customer achieve a 360% tan. The UV filters have a patented electronic circuit able to detect and report through a display any possible filter breakage and it immediately stops the session.







Radius 252

Now even our tallest customers can get a balanced, full-body tan from heat-to-toe. The Sun/Dash Radius 252 is equipped with extra-long, 2 meter VHO-RUVA tanning lamps. That's 6 1/2 feet of tanning power. Photo metrically engineered to provide a flowing, open air tanning environment, tje Sun/Dash Radius 252 easily accommodates all of our customers tanning preferences.

You can select the tanning position that is most comfortable while still receiving maximum tanning intensity and total body coverage. The 1600 CFM Transflow Ceiling Fan maintains the tanning environment at the optimum temperature for maximum comfort.







Classic 600

The Ultra 600 verses our other beds has the lowest percentage of UVB rays. That means although it is our highest wattage bed, it will deliver the most color in the shortest amount of time. Equipped with 59 lamps, which includes (50) 170W VHR lamps, (5) 25W shoulder tanners, and (4) 500W High Pressure facials, this bed allows you the opportunity to relax in comfort and experience total body tanning.










This new stand-up solarium is no less than fantastic! Keep your eyes closed and ears open and enjoy music while ou sunbathe. Here's integrated mobile phone and MP3. At the top sits a few lamps, which ensures that shoulders get a fine color.

A high-end device, the new standards in the state sets up. Excitingly different design in the portrait with shiny surfaces - for a magnificent play of colors in six colors - white or noble. Innocative standard cell phone holder and many options as a new BREEZE, effective Schilterbrauner POWER SPOTS - iDome the eye is also in your studio, the customer's heart by storm.








KBL PureEnergy

Fascinating radiance and perft body. The KBL Tower - designed to be a star. Design and construction - the perfect combination of plastic elements with a fine shine and high-quality aluminum. Optic headlights such as the chromium-plated reflector in the upper part and bodyCool - the new and innovative all-around body ventilation by KBL with its four different air supplies - as a standard feature make the KBL Towe Pure Energy the absolute star.

Reflector Tubes = 52X 230 watt
Tanning Time = 10 minutes








Ergoline 850

The new definition of tanning power is here! Excellence 850 utilizes 20 high pressure Ultra VIT Max units in the canopy to create a deep tan. Combined with the high-pressure units are 19 160W lamps in the base, a neck tanner and shoulder tanner. Like the thrust of a jet engine, or the brilliance of a rocket launching. The excellence of this tanning machine can be felt the moment you see it.









Mystic Tan

The Mystic Tan UV-Free spray on tanning booth is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type, and desired color. A perftectly uniformed, natural looking tan in less than 60 seconds.










MegaSun Shuttle 360

The most modern and practical solarium tanning sessions fo the face, neck, chest area and arms. Speed, comfort, convenience, beauty - this is the motto followed by tge developers of the device. Elegant unit in the vanguard style with excellent technical characteristics and compact size, will adorn any salon or studio. Customers wishing to have a stylish tan, but without the possibility of the sun accross the surface of the body, as well as people in enclosed spacem will get everything they want to "Shuttle 360".

Suttle 360 will help strengthen the body in the morning and set you on a working path. The rise of a light touch - this is the outcome of years of work and team of developers "megaSun"








Ergoline 650

Ergoline Classic 65 Ultra Power ushers in a new series of advanced tanning systems that capitalizes on the patented photometric innovation. By dramatically expanding the number of VIT 2.3 high pressure lamps in the units conopy, and intergrating them with an additional (33) VHO-RUVA lamps positioned throughout the system, the Classic 650 achieves optimum melanin production equipped with premium Ergoline features including an ergonomically designed acrylic surface, advanced body cooling and air-flow systems, ultra glide canopy lift positioning system and on-board diagnostics.








Starship Ultra 220

Welcome to the fastest and most powerful booth in the industry of tanning today! 8 Minute Maximum tan time. 10,000 watts of UV. This is for the ultimate tanning booth for the tanner on the go. In and out within 10 minutes with unsurpassed results! The ultra intense fan supplies 24mph winds that keep you comfortable and cool!